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Your privacy is important to Big Cat Group Limited (“BCG”)
Your privacy is important to us.  This statement outlines BCG’s policy on how we manage the personal data we hold about our job applicants and others.  It applies to all operations within BCG, including visitors to our website.
It is BCG’s’ policy to respect the confidentiality of data and the privacy of individuals.  BCG is bound by the Personal Data (Privacy) Ordinance (Cap: 486) of the Laws of Hong Kong Special Administrative Region.
The BCG personal data (privacy) policy will be reviewed from time to time to take account of new laws and technology, changes to our operations and practices and to make sure it remains appropriate to the changing environment.  Any data we hold will be governed by the most current BCG personal data (privacy) policy.
We will use our best efforts to ensure that the information you submit to us remains private, and is used only for the purpose you agree to.  This document reflects our commitment to you.

The BCG personal data (privacy) policy is based on openness
We are committed to being open about how we use personal data.
Where our documents ask for personal data, we will generally state the purpose for its use and to whom it may be disclosed.

Type of personal data held by BCG
Personal data that we collect and hold usually falls into the following categories:

  • Personal data submitted and obtained from each person seeking employment and other sources in connection with applications for work
  • Work performance data
  • Data about incidents in the workplace
  • Staff data
  • Data submitted and obtained in relation to absences from work due to leave, illness or other causes

General information collected from visitors to our website
In general, we gather data about all our website users collectively, such as what areas users visit more frequently and what services users access the most.  We only use such data anonymously and in the aggregate.  This data helps us determine what is most beneficial for our users, and how we can continually create a better overall website experience for you.

Your personal data collected on the BCG website
In some instances we may need specific data about you, such as name, address, email address, telephone number, etc.  We will collect this data if you apply for a job via our website, for example.  We may also ask for you for other data such as the types of jobs you are interested in and your workplace concerns to better address your career requirements.

Purposes for which we hold personal data
We primarily hold personal data for the following:

  • Placement operations – to assist you in finding a suitable position, career guidance and staff management
  • Training – to identify any training requirements
  • To inform you of possible job opportunities by mail/email/sms/phone


We may disclose your personal data for the purposes for which it is primarily held or for a related secondary purpose and in some cases we may only disclose personal data with your consent.
We do not disclose data about your individual visits to BCG’s website, including personal data you provide, such as your name, address, email address, telephone number etc. to any outside party, except when we believe we are under a lawful duty of care to do so.

Management of personal data
BCG train its employees to respect the confidentiality of customer data and the privacy of individuals.  BCG regard breaches of your privacy very seriously and any breach will result in disciplinary action being taken, dependent upon severity.

How do we store personal data?
Safeguarding the privacy of your personal data is important to us, whether you interact with us personally, by phone, mail, over the internet or other electronic medium.  We hold personal data in a combination of secure computer storage facilities and paper-based files and other records, and take steps to protect the personal data we hold from misuse, loss, unauthorised access, modification or disclosure.
We may need to maintain records for a significant period of time.  However, when we consider data is no longer needed, we will remove any details that will identify you or we will securely destroy the records.

How do we keep personal data accurate and up to date?
BCG endeavours to ensure that the personal data it holds is accurate and up to date.  We realise that personal data changes frequently with changes of address and other personal circumstances.  We generally update your customer data over the telephone.  Please advise us when your personal details change.

Enquiries & complaints
You can make further enquiries or complaints about our personal data (privacy) policy:


+852 2901 1701



Unit A, 16th Floor,
Soundwill Plaza 2 – Midtown 1 Tang Lung Street,
Causeway Bay, Hong Kong

If you are not satisfied with our response to your complaint, you may contact The Office of the Privacy Commissioner for Personal Data.

Subject to some exceptions that are set out in the Personal Data (Privacy) Ordinance you can gain access to the personal data that we hold about you.
We do refuse access if it would interfere with the privacy rights of other persons or if it breaches any confidentiality that attaches to that data.
To make a request to access your personal data, you will need to complete an application form verifying your identity and specifying what information you require.  Please contact us for an application form.
We may impose a moderate charge in providing access.  We will discuss this with you.
You should anticipate that it may take a little time to process your application for access as there may be a need to retrieve data from storage and review data in order to determine what data may be provided.

BCG have several areas on the website where you can submit feedback.  Any feedback that is submitted through this area becomes the property of BCG.  We may contact you for further feedback on the site.

Changes to our personal data (privacy) policy
We may change our privacy policy from time to time.  If, at any time, you have questions or concerns about our commitment to your privacy, please feel free to email at

Last updated: 30 April 2014.


隱私政策 –

您的隱私對Big Cat Group Limited (「BCG」) 很重要

您的隱私對我們很重要。您的隱私對我們很重要。 它適用於在BCG的所有業務,包括我們網站的訪問者。它適用於在BCG 的所有業務,包括我們網站的訪問者。

這是BCG尊重個人信息和個人隱私的保密政策。這是BCG 尊重個人信息和個人隱私的保密政策。本隱私聲明是根據中華人民共和國香港特別行政區法律 -《個人資料(私隱)條例》第486章解釋及管轄。

BCG將會經常根據新的法律和科技進步,我們的運營和業務變化來更新此隱私政策,以確保它適應環境的變化。Big CatGroup將會經常根據新的法律和科技進步,我們的運營和業務變化來更新此隱私政策,以確保它適應環境的變化。 我們擁有的任何信息將會受到BCG隱私政策最近版本的監管。我們擁有的任何信息將會受到BCG 隱私政策最近版本的監管。

我們將盡最大的努力確保您提供給我們的信息保持其私密性,並只用於您同意的使用目的。我們將盡最大的努力確保您提供給我們的信息保持其私密性,並只用於您同意的使用目的。 此聲明體現了我們對您的承諾。此聲明體現了我們對您的承諾。



BCG蒐集和所持有的個人信息的類型Big C蒐集和所持有的個人信息的類型


  • 每個人求職時所提交的和我們收集的個人信息,以及與求職相關的其他資料每個人求職時所提交的和我們收集的個人信息,以及與求職相關的其他資料
  • 工作業績信息工作業績信息
  • 工作場所的事故信息工作場所的事故信息
  • 員工信息員工信息
  • 個人提交和我們收集的因請假、生病或其它原因缺勤的相關信息個人提交和我們收集的因請假、生病或其它原因缺勤的相關信息


一般來說,我們收集所有網站瀏覽者的信息,例如,用戶時常瀏覽哪些方面的信息和用戶經常使用哪些服務。 我們會對把這些數據匯總到數據庫並匿名使用這些數據。 這些信息有助於我們確定什麼能使我們的用戶受益最大,以及我們將如何繼續為您創造一個更好的總體網站瀏覽體驗。

Big Cat Group網站收集到的您的個人信息

在某些情況下,我們可能會需要你的詳細信息,例如,姓名、地址、電郵、電話號碼等。 當您登陸我們的網站申請一份工作時,我們將收集這些信息。我們可能也會向您詢問其它的一些信息,例如,您對什麼類型的工作感興趣以及您對工作地點的顧慮,以便我們更好地瞭解您的工作需求。



  • 招聘業務——協助您尋找合適的職位招聘業務——協助您尋找合適的職位、咨詢——職業指導與規劃職業指導與規劃
  • 員工管理——如果BCG聘用你成為一名短期或合約制員工,我們的招聘顧問能夠更好地瞭解您的工作需求並並為您提供更好的服務培訓——發現所有的培訓需求培訓——發現所有的培訓需求
  • 客戶與業務關係管理——確保我們熟悉並完全理解客戶的需求市場營銷——通過郵件/電郵/短信/電話等方式通知你招聘活動、有關服務和潛在工作機會的信息通過郵件/電郵/短信/電話等方式通知你招聘活動潛在工作機會的信息


我們可能會因持有個人信息的主要目的或相關的其他目的而公開你的個人信息。 我們不會向外界公開有關您瀏覽Big Cat Group網站的信息,或您提供的個人信息,例如:姓名、地址、電郵、電話號碼等,除非我們相信我們是在遵守法律義務的基礎之上,我們才會公開您的個人信息。




保障您個人信息的隱私對我們非常重要, 無論您是通過面談、電話、郵件、網絡或其它電子媒介與我們聯繫,我們結合安全的電腦存儲設施和紙質文件以及其它記錄方式來存儲您的個人信息,並採取系統步驟保護我們所持有的個人信息不會被濫用、遺失、未經授權的使用、修改或公開。保障您個人信息的隱私對我們非常重要, 無論您是通過面談、電話、郵件、網絡或其它電子媒介與我們聯繫,我們結合安全的電腦存儲設施和紙質文件以及其它記錄方式來存儲您的個人信息,並採取系統步驟保護我們所持有的個人信息不會被濫用、遺失、未經授權的使用、修改或公開。

我們可能需要將個人信息的記錄保留很長一段時間。我們可能需要將個人信息的記錄保留很長一段時間。 但是,當我們不再需要這些信息時,我們將會刪除任何可確認您個人身份的信息,或者我們將安全地銷毀您的個人信息的記錄。但是,當我們不再需要這些信息時,我們將 會刪除任何可確認您個人身份的信息,或者我們將安全地銷毀您的個人信息的記錄。


Big Cat Group竭盡全力確保我們所持有的個人信息是準確的和最近更新的。 我們意識到個人信息經常會隨著地址與其它個人境遇的變化而變化。 我們通常會通過電話的方式更新您的客戶信息。 當您的個人信息有所改變時,請告知我們公司



電話:+852 2901 1701  



若涉及到他人隱私權,或違反了信息所包含的任何保密條例,我們將拒絕您獲取這些信息。若涉及到他人隱私權,或違反了信息所包含 的任何保密條例,我們將拒絕您獲取這些信息。

若您提出獲取您個人信息的要求,您需要填寫一份申請表,以驗證您的身份,並詳細地說明您所需要的信息。若您提出獲取您個人信息的要求,您需要填寫一份申請表,以驗證您的身份,並詳細地說明您所需要的信息。 請聯繫您的隱私保護負責人索取一份申請表。請聯繫我們公司索取一份申請表。

我們可能會收取合理的信息獲取費。我們可能會收取合理的信息獲取費。 我們的隱私保護負責人將和您您討論相關信息獲取收費的事宜。我們將和您討論相關信息獲取收費的事宜。



您可以通過Big Cat Group網站上的幾個區域提交反饋。 從這些區域所提交的任何反饋將成為Big Cat Group的資產。 我們可能會通過網站聯繫並收集您的更多反饋。


我們將會經常更新此隱私保護政策。如果您對我們為保護您的隱私所做出的承諾有任何疑惑或擔憂時, 歡迎您通過電子郵件的方式聯繫我們 ( 。